Tarring, 2009 by Dominic N Guyen

There is a bittersweet feeling associated with the struggle to reach what may not be grasped. Perhaps this sentiment lies in the self-recognition of labor and toil without gratification or in trying to chase after an idea(l) that is by nature intangible and transient. If an act itself cannot be justified, and its eventualities cannot be determined, what remains?

I am interested in a denial of desire, an isolation of movements and moments associated with a specific act of physical labor and a focus on struggle at the most basic level.

The arm extends over the horizon, slowly consumed by a deep black stain. The white sleeve becomes a vacant landscape trying to resist the inexorable. Tarring is a measure of the visceral effects of the subject’s exhaustion. It is the site of a singular resistance, where the viewer gains access to an intimate moment with an anonymous subject yet is unable to act. Tarring investigates an inevitable negotiation between desire and reality and the triumph of time.

- Artists’ Statement


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